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Reddam Early Learning School is a highly respected, premium preschool in Sydney, with three beautiful campuses in Woollahra, Lindfield and St Leonards. We are proud to offer leading early childcare in Sydney with a holistic preschool education, which ensures that our pupils are continuously nurtured, valued and given the freedom to truly thrive. 

Guided by our dedicated staff, children enjoy valuable opportunities to unlock their full potential in bright, well-resourced classrooms and exceptional daycare facilities. Our Reggio Emilia-inspired approach puts children’s well-being at the centre of our preschool program, successfully fosters foundational competencies and prepares pupils for achievement in subsequent school stages. 

We extend a warm invitation to children aged 1 to 5, inviting them to embark on a joyful voyage of discovery while nurturing their skills in a cosy, homely atmosphere.

Our Campuses in Sydney

At our Early Learning Schools in Sydney, we understand the importance of a holistic early education. We believe all children, no matter how young, are capable of incredible things; our preschool program reflects this view by giving little ones the best start to their education possible. With our three magnificent campuses, including Woollahra in the Eastern Suburbs and Lindfield and St Leonards in North Sydney, our early childcare centre aims to provide best-in-class preschool and daycare services for both local and international families.

Why Choose Our Early Learning Schools in Sydney?

The exemplary teachers at Reddam ELS are hand-selected and dedicated to challenging pupils in all areas, including Music, Language, Sport, Drama and Dance. By providing a holistic early years education, they ensure that our pupils are well stimulated, develop key competencies, explore personal interests, and emerge ready for the next stage of their school careers. 

Our state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor facilities are meticulously crafted to facilitate optimal learning experiences for infants and toddlers. Classrooms boast flexible layouts and excellent resources to accommodate a range of transformative opportunities. 

Reddam ELS pupils enjoy balanced meals, prepared on-site by our dedicated catering team. Our tasty, nutritious dishes support children’s well-being and promote healthy eating habits, while also pleasing the fussiest eater. 

As part of Inspired Education, the leading global group of premium private schools, Reddam ELS offers a world-class education provision that employs innovative methods to set children on a journey to unlimited success. 

Sydney Childcare Campus

State-of-the-Art Daycare Facilities

Purposefully crafted to deliver excellent learning experiences, both indoors and outdoors.

Teachers of Sydney Preschool

Specialist Teachers

Whose extensive training and genuine passion lead to outstanding results in early years education.

North Sydney Preschool services

Exceptional Catering Services

Nutritious, tasty meals are prepared on-site, to promote children's well-being and develop good long-term eating habits.

Best Daycare Sydney

Part of an Internationally Renowned Group of Schools

Ensuring world-class education provision as a standard.

Academic Stages

ELS Stage 1

ELS Stage 1

12-24 Months

ELS Stage 2

ELS Stage 2

2-3 Years

ELS Stage 3

ELS Stage 3

3-4 Years

ELS Stage 4

ELS Stage 4

4-5 Years

An Inspired School

As part of Inspired Education, Reddam ELS will provide your child with exceptional opportunities at our excellent childcare centre in Sydney. As the leading global group of premium private schools, Inspired aims to deliver best-in-class educational provision to over 85,000 students from daycare level up to high school. Inspired students follow top programmes and curricula, develop in-demand skills and become highly accomplished in a range of extracurriculars. By integrating all three Pillars of an Inspired education – Academics, Sports, and Performing and Creative Arts – into our holistic early years offering, Reddam ELS proudly prepares children to embark on a lifelong journey of success and accomplishment.

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